November 24, 2010

Taxi HD

Every conversation about the history of film begins and ends with what might be the greatest and most legendary example of the medium of all time: 2004's Taxi. Queen Latifah and Jimmy Fallon star in this gritty comedy/drama/musical/docu-fish-out-of-water-story as a taxi driver and cop who have to capture Gisele, the supermodel lady. It was a story of the times that needed to be told and I think we can all agree to be happy that it both was told and shown to us in the jazziest way possible by acclaimed director, Tim Story(teller, Awesome Q.).

Anyway, like I do on most Monday nights at around 2:30am, I went looking through my onDemand to see if I should be so lucky to find this cinematic gem and watch it for what now would be the 815th time. I found it there like I always do, but this time things felt different. Imagine my surprise when I realized that Awesome Q. Tim Storyteller made a secret sequel (or secret sequel) to this movie and released it to xfinity onDemand for a one time only viewing at 2:29am late Monday night/early Tuesday morning. I'd call it a gift from the gods, but I don't want to worship any false idols lest Awesome Q. Tim Storyteller strike me where I lean. I know you probably don't believe any of this, so I offer you proof in picture form:

And now for the synopsis.

Released in the year 200, Taxi HD stars rapper-star, Latifah Queen and late night funnyman, Jimmy Fallen. In this movie, Latifah's character says, walks, and does everything backwardsly (including some timely rapping), while Fallen's corrupt cop character deals with his inner turmoil and does lots of drugs and falls down a lot and stuff when he isn't hosting a talk show. It's an even grittier drama-fest than the real Taxi movie. Gisele is still in this alternate version of the original film classic, but this time she plays the same exact character that she played in the other one. This is my favorite movie of all time and God and the Bible.

Here's the video from Latifah Queen that they kept playing in the background throughout the whole movie:

And here's the late night comedy show that Jimmy Fallen would be hosting in every scene where he wasn't drug-copping:

For a longer look, go to

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