November 15, 2010

Say Hello to Hell

About two and a half years ago I noticed that youtube was severely lacking one of the best scenes from the movie, Tombstone, so I didn't the reasonable thing and decided to upload it myself. Well, since March of 2008, the following video has been my most viewed (sitting pretty at 118,000+) and it still gets commented on frequently. Watch the scene, you curs, and then read my favorite comments.

(I should mention that I'm pretty sure most people who commented think this is a documentary)

- i know its a movie but i still shit my pants

- Someone needs to send this to that New York Imam who threatened violence if we don't let the Mosque get built.

- Shame....You cant really get away with calling anyone a "cur" anymore....seems like it was so apropreate back in the day.

- say hello to hell

- I'm in southern Arizona. In some ways southern AZ hasn't changed a bit.

These days the Zetas and Sinaloas drug cartels are the "Cowboys Gang", and Joe Arpaio is the modern Kurt Russell/ Wyatt Earp. I could so picture him saying that to an illegal drug smuggler that he finds...

- wyyat erp was better

- Ike Clanton was a bastardly coward, a fucking pussy, and a miserable excuse of a man.

It was so satisfying hearing Wyatt's prophecy of doom in this scene. Brilliant acting by Kurt Russell.

- The only thing that sucks however is that Clanton actually had children whereas Wyatt didn't. So now... his great-grandchildren are famous and bad mouth Wyatt to eternity. Ya know... cause Wyatt was such the dastardly criminal.

- my favorite movie all time! (that and the lion king)

- i own a modern version of that gun he uses in this scene. damn thing kicks like a mule.

- Earps were a punk ass pimp crew!.. Used the badge to cover there crimes!!.. Just like Dub-ya Bushy today!

- I want to enforce the law like him, but, on the other hand, I wouldn't mind having a mustache like him.

- Stephen Lang: A terrific cur.

- Hooowee! Look at them eyes! He's really pee'd off! If I was Ike Clayton staring up right into those double barrels, I would be pissin' a river and dumping a mother load of home-made bricks!

- the updated version of that would be: I see a turben, I kill the Muslim wearing it!!!

- We needed Wyatt Earp as President when 9/11 happened. this war would be over by now. unfortunately, his kind doesn't exist anymore.


Are you from US?

God bless you, my son. Goooooood bless you, jajajajaajajajajajaa

- If George W. would've taken this stance and killed the true culprits of 9/11, he would've killed himself after killing all the other corrupt people that our government are no more than paid muscle for.

- Holy shit!

Best western ever.

- fail.

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