November 19, 2010

The Jeff Goldblum of the Week Award (11/15-11/19)

And the Weekly Jeff Goldblum of the Week Award, a weekly award that will go to the person, animal, or anything else that best exemplifies the awesomeness of Jeff Goldblum that week, goes to.......

..........Michael Jackson from the 2002 MTV VMAs!!!

In the toughest matchup so far, Michael Jackson's legendary, but nearly forgotten display of weirdness from an award show eight years ago edged out Harrison Ford's extreme drunkenness from this past Monday's episode of Conan.

To set up the scene from 2002, MTV decided to wish Michael Jackson happy birthday with a cake presented to him from someone who looks like some better version of Britney Spears. Mr. Jackson, who is now dead or something (when did that happen?), mistakenly thought that he was being awarded the Artist of the Millennium Award, which (despite my fancy capitalization) doesn't exist. To be fair though, every time I'm presented with a cake, I think the same thing. As you could imagine, hilarity then ensues, as does my favorite quote of all time which I say constantly and no one understands the reference:

"David Blaine, your magic is real and I believe in you."

So, Michael Jackson, congratulations on this VERY REAL award that you are receiving right now. You've earned it. I only wish you could've stayed alive long enough to completely ignore it like the rest of the internet.

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