October 27, 2010

Taylor Made

When it comes to singing and songwriting, there is no more ambiguous or mysterious figure out there than Taylor Swift. If you had the time, you could now sit down and listen to her three albums and still not have any idea what she is singing about. She is a mystery wrapped inside a sparkly enigma. That's just the way it is. Truth.

So, in order to get to the bottom of her persona, I sat down and tried to decipher all of her complicated lyrics to come up with a master list of all the things that Taylor Swift likes and dislikes. Here are my findings.

Likes: Boys
Dislikes: Boys

Likes: Sneakers
Dislikes: High heels

Likes: T-shirts
Dislikes: Short Skirts

Likes: telling you how old people are
Dislikes: when people older than her treat her poorly

Likes: Summer
Dislikes: the end of Summer/Fall

Likes: Tim McGraw
Dislikes: Kanye West

Likes: Breathing while thinking of you
Dislikes: Breathing without you, though she has to

Likes: Never-ending, fairytale love
Dislikes: the ending of the never-ending fairytale love

Likes: fantasizing about you
Dislikes: finding out about you

Likes: growing up
Dislikes: growing up

Likes: park benches
Dislikes: your stupid, old pick-up truck

Likes: People who love her
Dislikes: People who love themselves more than they'll ever love her

Likes: Sparkly guitars
Dislikes: Pianos

Likes: You
Dislikes: Your girlfriend

Likes: Your shiny eyes
Dislikes: Your attitude

Likes: waiting for you to come around
Dislikes: waiting for you to come around

Likes: White Horses
Dislikes: Dragons

Likes: things that shine
Dislikes: things that used to shine

Likes: people calling her when they say they will
Dislikes: people not calling her when she expects them to call

Likes: flashbacks
Dislikes: flashforwards

Likes: Kissing in the rain
Dislikes: Last kisses

Likes: Big cities
Dislikes: Small towns

Likes: you at 2AM
Dislikes: you at 2AM

Likes: Green eyes/Jungle eyes
Dislikes: Abigail's crying eyes

Likes: her newfound freedom
Dislikes: her newfound freedom

Likes: her father
Dislikes: her careless, fake father

Likes: princesses
Dislikes: pageant queens

Dislikes: Harmonizing

Likes: fairy tales
Dislikes: dark, twisted games

Likes: faded or worn-out blue jeans
Dislikes: new blue jeans

Likes: her fans
Dislikes: haters

Likes: porches
Dislikes: staircases

Dislikes: Werewolves

Likes: pictures
Dislikes: pictures to burn

Likes: dancing in the rain
Dislikes: raining in bedrooms

Likes: revenge
Dislikes: new material

For a longer look, go to amctv.com

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