January 14, 2011

The Jeff Goldblum of the Week Award (1/11-1/14)

And the Weekly Jeff Goldblum of the Week Award, a weekly award that will go to the person, animal, or anything else that best exemplifies the awesomeness of Jeff Goldblum that week, goes to......


Ever since I started this site, I've been coming up with some revolutionary ideas that are constantly disrupting the space-time continuum and winning all sort of awards. As a result, I've realized that there are probably people out there who get super jealous of me and wanna steal all my genius ideas for their own gain. For example, SNL and John Mulaney did this back in October with great success. Now it's happened again, only the turnaround was much quicker this time.

This past Monday, I debuted a creepy new video entitled Andy Rooney Breathes where I put together a supercut of all of the breaths from 3 separate Andy Rooney 60 Minutes segments. Well, much to my not-at-all surprise, yesterday a video premiered called, "Palin's Breath":

Look familiar? YyyyyyuPPP.

Since its debut yesterday, it has racked up over 320,000 views. That's quite impressive. Yet another massively popular thing influenced by yours truly. I'm pretty awesome. Clearly, I'm speaking to the right people out there. Or at least the right ONE person.

The user who took my brilliant idea and made it super popular also has another video similar to one I did years ago - a spoof on the There Will Be Blood trailer.

His is here:

Mine is here:


The only question is, what's the next thing I'll do that someone will copy and achieve worldwide fame? Stay tuned.

For a longer look, go to amctv.com

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